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That Purple Thang by Lynn Graves

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That Purple Thang by Lynn Graves

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If you don't yet own That Purple Thang, I highly recommend you get one, it pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs.  It's one of the handiest and most versatile tools to own for crafting and is worth every penny.

It is a must have tool for any crafter, quilter, sewer, hobbyist, etc. It gets in anywhere you can’t on your own and makes an awesome gift!

• That Purple Thang helps get into those tight, hard to stuff corners with ease
• it can help poke out to square stubborn corners quickly
• It’s a comfortable, lightweight size (similar to a crochet hook), yet made from very durable plastic
• It features a hole in the centre which can be used to string the tool around your neck to keep it handy
• You can use the hole for threading elastic or cording in many types of projects
• It features a handy ¼” marking at one end as a quick reference gauge
• Makes a great gift (stocking stuffer!) for that crafty person, sew-ist or quilter!



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