Nativity Scene Colour Guides

Here I’ve compiled complete materials lists for my Christmas Nativity Scene Series. I’ve included felt and DMC floss colours for anyone that would like to make a Nativity Scene using the exact same colour scheme as I have done!

Most of the materials are available through online sources, local craft shops, other Etsy sellers – I also retail craft kits that complement this hand sewing series.

With the really bold felt colours, you may find they leak some dye when you are soaking in water to pre-shrink. It’s pretty common, try to keep the water at a moderate temperature, and definitely work from light to dark colours as you’re pre-shrinking – this will prevent you’re snowy white felt from being streaked with a navy blue LOL.

For this series, I used DMC Floss and Prim Heirloom Felt exclusively – there are many options for wool-blend felt suppliers out there!

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