Whimsical Series Video Tutorials

Follow along in the more challenging parts of the series.


Whimsical Santa, Mrs. Claus & Skater Heads

Having trouble with Whimsical Santa, Mrs. Claus or Skater’s head, nose or face?  Have a look at this video tutorial!  The nose construction uses the same techniques for these heads!




Whimsical Tabitha Head


Here is a series of helpful video tutorials for making Tabitha’s head, especially that witchy nose!


 Follow along starting with the first video to see how Tabitha's face and nose are constructed from the initial pencil lines, to the nose and the final marker details in her face. 







Whimsical Mrs. Claus, the Tricky Bits


  Forming Mrs. Claus's Glasses Tutorial

This tutorial takes you through the steps of how to twist the wire and form it into a set of glasses.



 Making Mrs. Claus's Awesome Hair

This tutorial takes the confusion out of what looks to be a complicated hairdo.  Follow along step-by-step as I take you through making the hair in real-time.



I know, you never signed up for making a book out of paper when you purchased your felt embroidery pattern.  But it's such a unique and fun detail for this ornament!  Let me show you in this quick video how easy it is to make a little miniature book.