Nativity Scene Tips & Tricks

Rope Basket

This is a great little tutorial on how to make rope baskets.  For full size ones you use a sewing machine, but for the little camel baskets, they are done by hand with jute, a little hot glue to get your shape started, and then using a matching thread to the jute, hand sew the jute together in a circular pattern.

Hopefully this video explains the technique better than I can explain it!

Whip Stitch

Not sure what a whip stitch is?  Check out this tutorial.  A whip stitch is a very basic sewing stitch and it’s used in many hand sewing crafting activities.

The trick is to work at it – eventually your stitches will get fairly evenly spaced without even thinking about it, practice makes perfect!

French Knot

How to make a french knot!  It’s like an itty bitty rosette made with your needle and thread!  Once you get the hang of it, they’re super fun to make, and a very easy way to add embellishment to your embroidery!



Back Stitching – it’s one of the most widely used embroidery stitches, and the more consistent your stitch width, the better your embroidery will look!