Nativity Series Updates

If there are any pattern or instruction updates/changes, you will find them here!

Nativity Series Updates and Revisions

As I continue to learn and develop my skills, I often come up with alternative solutions for how to make something.  Sometimes they come to me from working on other patterns and I think “ah, that’s such a better way!” or sometimes other people make suggestions based on their experiences.  Either way, this is where you will find any additional Notes on the Nativity Scene Pattern Series!

October 2020 Update to Joseph Pattern:  It was brought to my attention I made a wee error in labelling the Left and Right Arms on my first release – it’s a pretty obvious oversight and won’t affect you when making Joseph.  But I have updated the pattern on Etsy so the arms are labelled correctly!

February 2021:  An alternate method for stiffening the beards!

The tacky glue can be annoying to tap through the beard, your fingers stick to the fibres and sometimes the fibres rip out, but the “hair” really needs something to keep it in place!

HINT:  Try Hairspray!!!  I discovered this on my prototype Angel Lily pattern – I wanted to give her some wild hair (she was a special order for someone), and ended up using hairspray to lock the yarn fibres in place- it worked great!  I keep a bottle of hairspray in my craft room just for this purpose!