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Tulip Japanese Embroidery Needles

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Original Tulip Needles from Hiroshima Japan!

These are considered top of the line needles and I can tell you why. In my experience, they go through fabrics with ease and due to the sharp tip, they take less effort on your part to stitch!

They come in a range of sizes, I carry three styles:

Assorted Thins (7,8,9,10)

Assorted Thins 7, 8, 9, 10 - This pack I find so versatile because the sizes 7 and 8 are great for fine embroidery work, and the sizes 9 and 10 can make it through tiny holed seed beads! Each box has two needles of each size.

Assorted Thicks (3,4,5,6)

This pack of needles are larger but still a mainstay for embroidery enthusiasts! They're the needles you go to for french knots, threading more than 2 strands, and have a larger head for easy threading. I also like this size range for working with metallic flosses, they don't get twisted up as much. Each box has two needles of each size.

Tulip Beading Needles #10 Short

This is a fine set of beading needles for embroidery work! The needle shaft is more in line with a normal needle in terms of length (I find conventional beading needles awkwardly long!). The head is quite small but it's elongated so you can still thread it without getting frustrated. These glide through those tiny seed beads with ease! Each box comes with 4 needles of the same #10 size.

All Tulip needs are packaged in a little tube with a cork top so you don't lose them!

Treat yourself today!



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